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Sharks are undoubtedly some of the most feared creatures in the world's oceans. Often characterized as mindless eating machines, sharks are considered to be the most dangerous fish in the world to humans. However, a large part of this fear comes from a lack of understanding, as well as common misconceptions, about shark's biology and behavior. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife, in cooperation with Newport Beach Sea Base, have developed Shark Camp. This highly popular program occurs monthly from June through September, and exposes youths, ages 7-15*, to the fascinating and exciting world of sharks.

The evening begins with a fascinating natural history lesson given by a local marine scientist. They will share some interesting facts about sharks, while attempting to dispell some of the more common myths about them, as well as answer questions about shark biology. Following the presentation, you will join California Department of Fish and Wildlife staff (as well as enthusiastic and experienced volunteers) on the dock to fish for several local species of sharks and rays commonly found in Upper Newport Bay, such as leopard sharks, smoothhound sharks, bat rays, and round stingrays. Participating youth will receive a certificate of participation as well as an Adventure patch.

Shark Camp runs from 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. one Saturday a month from June to September at the Back Bay Science Center. Pre-registration for this is required; group or individual sign-ups are available. Each child (ages 7-15) must be accompanied by an adult. Tickets are $15 for each child and are non-refundable. To register, please contact the Sea Base by phone at(949) 642-5031. NOTE: this event usually sells out very quickly. Please check the Sea Base website ( under the 'Programs and Activities' section for the start of registration. *Anyone 16 years and older must have a fishing license to take any kind of fish, mollusk, invertebrate, amphian or crustacean in California, except for persons fishing from a public pier in ocean or bay waters.

2017 Shark Camp Dates:
June 10th, July 8th, August 12th, September 9th