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Time Commitment: 6-8 months to 1 year  (1-3 times per week)

Age Requirement: 20 years or older

Internship Description:
This is a site based marine education internship at the Back Bay Science Center (BBSC). Interns will gain knowledge and experience in the following subjects: phytoplankton identification, use of stage microscopes, data collection, and plankton sampling techniques. This position requires light physical labor including sampling using a 20 μm-mesh phytoplankton net, cleaning and putting away net, and bending down to measure water conditions.

California Department of Fish and Wildlife with the Back Bay Science Center is in partnership with COSEE West and USC for their community HABwatch program. This program is a “network of local organizations and agencies supporting science, monitoring, and education regarding Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) in the southern California area.” 


Additionally, we have partnered with the California Department of Public Health Environmental Science Branch to aid in their biotoxin monitoring program. There are several types of toxic plankton species that exist that can be very harmful to human health if ingested. Phytoplankton interns will need to be familiar with these specific species and which proper protocols to take when identified.

Skills Required: There is a relatively lengthy time commitment to this particular internship because training requires at least 3 months. Although experience is not required for this position, it is highly preferred. Tasks performed are quite tedious and requires much patience, enthusiasm, and excellent work ethic.

·        College student or college graduate

·        Data collection experience a plus

·        Phytoplankton background and knowledge preferred but not required

·        Experience and skills with compound microscope

·        Basic math skills required

·        Ability to take initiative and be reliable

·        Willingness to get wet and muddy at times

·        Ability to work independently as well as with a team

·        Enthusiasm and passion for environmental conservation.

If interested and qualified, please fill out an application and send a resume to Bethany Yates at

Be sure to list any relevant experience or knowledge.

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