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Program Requests

To schedule your educational field trip, training, or workshop please complete the following forms and submit them by the due dates specified below. 

APPLICATION DEADLINES & INSTRUCTIONS -- The BBSC Programs Committee reviews Facility Use applications three times a year. Applications are due according to the program season you are requesting. 

Note: if an application deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, it will be extended to the following business day.

Spring Programs, February - May:

       Application period begins:   July 1st                       Deadline: December 1st

Summer Programs, June - September:

       Application period begins:   November 15th       Deadline: April 15th

Fall/Winter Programs, October - January:

      Application period begins:   March 15th                Deadline: September 1st


*It may take as much as 1 month after the submission deadline for a response to your request to allow the BBSC Programs Committee time to review all applications.  

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