Facility Use Request Forms

In order to schedule your educational feild trip, training, or workshop at the BBSC please complete the following forms, and submit them by the due date specified below. 

APPLICATION DEADLINES & INSTRUCTIONS -- The BBSC Programs Committee will review Facility Use applications three times a year. Applications are due according to the program season you are requesting*. If the 1st or 15th falls on a weekend or holiday, the deadline will be extended to the next business day: 

Spring Programs (February to May) application deadline: December 1st

Summer Programs (June to September) application deadline: April 15th

Fall/Winter Programs (October to January) application deadline: August 15th


*Please allow up to 1 month after the submission deadline for a response to your request.  PLEASE NOTE-- To allow the BBSC Programs Committee time for planning, while keeping the process fair, applications requesting future dates 5 or more months beyond a deadline date will not be accepted. 

*Note: All requests are required to be relevant to the mission of the BBSC:  provide a hands-on facility where students and the public can study and enjoy the estuarine ecology of Newport Bay and the marine ecology of the ocean, and to promote natural resource conservation and stewardship throughout the watershed.   

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