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California Invasive Species Action Week

Saturday, June 5 – Sunday, June 13, 2021

Aquatic Invasive Species Virtual Activity:

A Citizen Science project: Invader ID Connecting Citizen Science and Research on Fouling Organisms and Invasive Species in our Bays.

Aquatic Invasive Species- Lesson Overview: In this activity, you will help track changes in coastal environments by identifying fouling marine invertebrates! A fouling organism is an animal or plant species that exists in water and attaches itself to the surface of a material immersed in the water. Fouling communities are composed of many living organisms including invertebrates, algae, and microbes. By better understanding where and what kinds of fouling organisms live, we can better identify when species are introduced and have become invasive to a new area, and help coastal communities effectively respond. With the help of digital photography, online platforms, and citizen scientists (like you!), scientists can increase the amount of data that they are able to work with.


(grade 8-college)

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